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What Are Types of Turkey Calls


Turkey calls come in a variety of types designed to meet turkey hunter preferences and skill levels.

Box Calls

These calls are excellent for beginning turkey hunters. They are easy to use and can make a variety of sounds. As the name indicates, a box call is in the shape of box with a thin edge and pivoting wooden lid that is used to strike the box to make sounds.

Many experienced hunters find box calls to be excellent long-distance calls. They can be tougher to use and keep yourself concealed when a turkey is close since many requires two hands to operate.

Check out a sampling of high quality box calls

Slate Calls

The slate call (sometimes called a pot call) is another easy to operate call without a steep learning curve to get started. It is shaped like a small pot with a striking surface made of a component such as aluminum, glass, and slate. A striker, that you hold, is dragged across the pot’s surface to make the call sounds. These strikers often are made of wood, but are available in acrylic and other materials, as well.

Take a look at some top notch slate calls

Mouth Calls

Just as the name sounds, you use your mouth to operate these calls. Your hands are freed up. These calls have a learning curve so regular practice may be necessary to get the hang of then.

Mouth calls, often referred to as diaphragm calls, come with a single reed up to multiple reeds. Air blown across these reeds makes the turkey vocalizations.

Because you want to find the best mouth call to fit your mouth and skill level, it is a good idea to consult with someone who has significant experience using them.

Explore available mouth calls 

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