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Turkey Hunting Safety Tips


Whether a new or experienced hunter, make reviewing turkey hunting safety tips priority when preparing for a hunt. Unfortunately, it only takes one slip up or moment of forgetfulness to go from a pleasant turkey hunt to a bad, life altering situation.

By taking the time to put the focus on safety, you can enjoy turkey hunting for years to come.

Hunting Safety Tips To Review

  • Before you head out for the hunt, check the weather. Make sure that the conditions are safe for turkey hunting (I.E. No rapidly approaching severe weather). Bring along the proper clothing and other gear. Let a responsible person know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Always treat your firearm as if it is loaded. Keep the gun muzzle pointed away from you and any other person.
  • Respect property rights and hunting regulations. Make sure that you have the proper license, permissions, and up to date training.
  • Never wear red, white, or blue for turkey hunting. You absolutely do not want to be mistaken for a Tom. Use camouflage from head to toe.
  • Select a calling position that allows you to see clearly in all directions and offers you protection from behind. If you are hunting with others, be sure of their locations.
  • Should another hunter come into your area, whistle or shout out to let them know where you are. Do not move or wave. You could easily be mistaken for game.

 Know Your Target!

  • Check and double check where and at what you are aiming. Visually confirm the turkey and survey beyond it to make sure clear. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. The majority of shooting accidents happen when shooters fail to correctly identify the target.
  • When you have harvested a turkey and are ready to carry it out of the woods, make sure that the birds wings are folded in. Then wrap the turkey in a bag or with an orange safety vest or strap.

By following these practical turkey hunting safety precautions, you can enjoy a great day in the great outdoors. 

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